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please let us click the update banner away. The update announcement is not needed anymore, I got it by now. It might still be useful for some, but please give us who’d rather remove it the option to do so.

Thank you


I’ll quote the great @koichi here, as that question was already posed multiple times in the Wanikani Content Overhaul Thread :wink: That was 5 days ago btw. :slight_smile:


let’s hope next week comes soon :smiley:


I think anyone who hasn’t noticed by now isn’t really using the service lol? Maybe some on vacation mode but they would know who’s on that and who isn’t, surely. How could anyone not notice haha


i dunno man, people stopped surprising me 40 years ago, and i was a little shit back then :smiley:

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A lot of people unfortunately almost never visit the WK website or the forum. They use unofficial mobile apps instead (either for iOS or Android), thus they have seen neither the content overhaul notice nor the new TOS notice.

This is the downside of WK’s over-reliance on external developers. If they had developed their own app, sure it would be quite costly in terms of time and money, but they would be able to control how people use WK better.


they could have send all users (did they? I don’t remember either way) an email announcing the overhaul. Anyway, those useres won’t be reached by the pink banner anyway, if they’re never on the website. If at some point they start wondering why different answers are sudeenly being asked of them, they might miss the banner after the timer runs out. It would be best if anyone could remove it in their own time (or only after clicking through to the info page/adding the radicals to the lesson queue). and the info will always be in the dropdown menu on the dashboard anyway (except for new users I guess. I wonder if they see the banner, too?)


If WK had its own official app, they could insert the pink banner into the app as a notification.


because everyone should have a pink banner at least once!


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