Upcoming WaniKani downtime

Heroku’s upgrade documentation states there can be some downtime with step 3

Requires downtime of about 30 minutes, although this amount can vary.

Our database is quite large…


May I ask If this is done on an SSD and may I also ask how big the Database is?

May I ask If this is done on an SSD

I believe Heroku’s fully manage and hosted databases are on SSD. As to how their upgrade process is designed, I don’t know. I don’t think this detail is publicly accessible.

I do appreciate all the questioning since it does make us think about the process. We did our research and testing with the options readily available to us.

I think it is easy to say things can be done more optimally and sometimes we wish things can be that way, but I am sure you know that is not always the case, especially when a product has quite a bit of age to it or making business decisions on whether it makes sense to migrate to something new vs opportunity costs.


Yeah I would really like to be helpful, but I honestly avoided Heroku for myself, because especially this problem you have right now. Your limited to what Heroku has to offer. It makes some stuff easier to manage but sometimes it’s not worth it.


What you also could do (No idea If it’s possible in Heroku)

  1. Create new Follower Database
  2. Sync Follower Database
  3. Upgrade Database
  4. Enter Maintenance Mode
  5. Sync again Follower Database
  6. Promote Follower Database
  7. Exit Maintenance Mode

This would avoid syncing the whole DB while under maintenance but only the changes.
And If there are problems with the Follower DB while syncing etc, then the main DB would still be up without any downtime while you debug the errors.

(Don’t know If that’s what you wanted to do anyway, but my earlier post did not mention this extra step)

Mea culpa…


What did you do?
Did you create 百万 additional notes? :rofl:

It’s possible not all my reviews were eight and done …

as soon as I get to work, I do the first pile of reviews around 8 am

I will have to wait another hour to do them. :smiley:

I’d like to thank @Viet and the admin team for pushing me to get to 60 before the downtime…


Congrats, I guess.

Time for your level 60 post, right? :smiley:

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Got my lessons and reviews done just before!

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Phew, I got my reviews in just in time. ^_^;

Have a good maintenance, @viet and everybody!

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It’s been 6 minutes since maintenance started.
Without my reviews, I am losing my sense of direction.
I have dedicated my life to the Crabigator, and now I have been left to fend for myself.
How much longer I will last is unknown, I just have to hope that fate is kind tonight.


The Crabigator spent years training you for this moment, it’s time to hold fast :crossed_swords:


Will the update finish in two hours or 4 hours? I don’t really understand I am sorry😢

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They don’t know yet. It depends. It’s the same as when you press update and reboot on Windows. It could be short it could be long.



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