Upcoming Reviews Section

as there are again updates to level contents, which seem to somehow affect also levels people have already passed, there is a dire need for a feature including upcoming reviews.

If the reviewable material is compiled for example from seven earlier levels of new added content I have never seen before, there is no meaningful way of studying for upcoming reviews unless all review content is shown on one page.

What I am doing now is I take screenshots from each new “mystery level” piece of content so that I can somehow make sense them. As a workaround this is highly inefficient, so an Upcoming Reviews section, similar to for example on Bunpro, would be essential for successful studying results, if content additions on WaniKani are going to be made the way like they are now.


They’ve created an updates page, which tracks feature and content updates: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

I don’t understand how this could ever happen. All reviewable content must have been seen at least once in lessons to be reviewable. This is true of content updates to previous levels because they are added to the lesson queue, not the review queue. So the whole post appears to rely on a false premise.


They have an announced publishing schedule for all new items added to the lessons and on which levels. Just check it out and you’ll know exactly when you’ll get any additions to your lessons pile.

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