Upcoming Forced Log-out

Yup, can confirm timeout issue with scripts off. Passed just ~1 min after my last answer and here we go:


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Well, we’re not seeing anything obvious on our end, but know that we’re working on it. If we figure out what’s going on, we’ll post it here, along with some updates on when you can expect a fix. (Goes back to squinting at the code…)


Just joining the chorus. Firefox, timing out.

Getting timeouts too, sometimes even immediately after typing and sending the answer

Same, on chrome.

All scripts disabled. Latest Chrome build timing out during review sessions

Getting timeouts on Chrome as well

I got the time out, yet can continue to do reviews behind it!! :rofl:

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Same happening here.
Didn’t really notice anything odd network wise, and you can just delete the overlay through dev tools to continue with reviews anyway. Guessing it’s just something funky going on with the GUI.

Alright, problem found. We’re getting the code running through all the things, and I’ll post when it’s up and running on the main site.

For the curious, we pushed some other code changes alongside this one, one of them being some cleanup in the timeout logic. We, uh, made it dirtier and introduced a bug. So, this was unrelated to sessions.


Alright! The timeouts should now only happen when things, you know, time out. Be sure to reload the page to get the latest code, and let us know if anything is still being weird. Thanks for the patience!


Thank you for the quick fix! Great tech support as always.


Seconding @BrunoCaesar . I haven’t been around here long enough to have past experience with tech support really, but you fixed this so fast it wouldn’t have even known about it without the forums. お疲れ様でした


What’s the point of the timeout anyway? Whenever I got it in the past, I just removed the timeout-related elements from the DOM and kept doing reviews perfectly fine, so it doesn’t really seem to do anything. (Other than annoy people that is. :wink:)


Excellent question. It’s been there for a long while.

It’s mainly triggered in two scenarios: you leave the window idle for a long time (> 10 minutes) or there are network errors encountered when submitting reviews (or re-submitted reviews that didn’t go through on the last network request).

For the first one, I think the implementation pre-dates our move to the “top of the hour” review timing. It was meant to prompt people to hit reload to get their latest reviews. We could definitely update the behavior here to poll at the top of the hour, see if there are “new” reviews to do, and then tell you about them (or just get them or otherwise be more informative and helpful).

For the second one, it was implemented before all the techniques for handling spotty internet connections came along, so consider it the early version of that. We’re actively working on making the network communications more modern, then we can build some better retry and failure logic that can happen more invisibly for users.


O noes! What will I ever do with this minor inconvenience?

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So you like them POLL threads huh? :rofl:


Having problems similar to a timeout, and it’s never happened before a few hours ago – during my review I can answer maybe one or two words, and then I’ll try to answer a third prompt, click enter, and I get white font on white background, never turning red or green to let me know I’m wrong or right. Everything locks up and refreshing doesn’t work. I have to open a new tab completely (it will save whatever I managed to answer prior though!)

Please save me, my reviews are going to pile up :weary:

And I recently learned 忘 just in time forget my パスワード

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