[Unsupported] [Userscript] WaniKani Review Audio Tweak (reupload/fixed)

Its a issue with the Double Check v2.2.14 script it seems.
All other things being equal, OS, browser, scripts, etc. I used the export / import feature of TamperMonkey to assure that the scripts remain the same across computers.

Why do you think the issue is with the DoubleCheck script when everything is the same on both computers (including, I assume, them both having the DoubleCheck script)? Are you saying that on the computer where Review Audio Tweak doesn’t work, disabling only DoubleCheck without changing anything else makes it start working again and then re-enabling DoubleCheck (again without changing anything else) causes it to no longer work?

Is the order of the scripts on both computers the same too? What are the numbers of Review Audio Tweak 2 and DoubleCheck in the order?

Edit: I’ve also updated the script with a change to try to make it load more reliably when used with DoubleCheck. Can you also try the new version and see if that fixes things? I can’t tell myself since I am still unable to reproduce the issue you are experiencing, even when I use the DoubleCheck script.

Version 1.0.8 update seems to have solved the issue. Thanks @est_fills_cando!

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