[Unsupported] [Userscript] Stroke Order Diagram

Noob here. Is there a tutorial on how to edit a source code?

If you’re using Tampermonkey, click on the icon in the top right in Chrome/Firefox, click on Dashboard button, then click on edit (the notepad looking icon) at the very right of the listed script you want to edit. Replace what Halo said to, then click Save in the top left.

If you completely fuck it up, you can probably delete the stroke order script and reinstall it. Haha.

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EUREKA! Thank you so much! :sob:

Thanks, I updated the script on greasyfork!

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It doesn’t seem to work for me, it shows the stroke order tab but never loads. Refreshing the page doesn’t help.


EDIT: Solved by replacing Greasemonkey with Tampermonkey.

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Great script. I’ve been needing to work on stroke order, and this makes it easier. It’s a big plus that you used Jisho’s stroke orders because of the included cross hair in the back of the symbols. Sorry about the kanji progress loss.

Using the “updated” version in the Feedback section, with Tampermonkey. Works great! Thank you!

This is great! I will practice writing on paper, this helps so much!

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This is such a great idea, thank you OP! <3

Thank you, I installed this script and I am very glad it’s such a huge help already :sunglasses::

  • the diagrams at the kanji page save me time from looking the stroke order up in other resources
  • WaniKani’s font made the kanji for ‘eight’ and ‘enter’ (and probably more kanji) quite similar, while the kanji in the diagrams are more distinct.

I had some issues with getting this script to work on safari 13.0.2. Changing “url” to “new URL(url)” in the XHR request fixed it.

Modified version can be found here: https://pastebin.com/rkEEnmzc

Thanks for the script. Works great now!

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Hi, thank you for making this script! I am having some trouble installing it, though. (bear with me, I’m a newbie with userscripts.) I installed TamperMonkey on Chrome (Win10) and downloaded the .js file, but every time I try to open it, it spits out this:


Any ideas?

Thanks again!

Do you try to open it from the explorer? It looks like Windows wants to use it as a regular JavaScript file.

If you click the file in the browser (install this script button) Tampermonkey should detect that the file ends in .user.js and use (install) it, if you download the file another way it won’t work.

If Tampermonkey doesn’t detect the file you have to open the Tampermonkey console, make an empty script and the copy the contents of the .js file over.

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Thank you! This was such an easy solution – turns out I’d downloaded the file before I’d installed TamperMonkey and kept trying to use that one when I should’ve tried to get it again from the source, which automatically recognized TamperMonkey as the recipient and thus bypassed any downloading at all.

As a fairly tech-savvy person, I’m amazed this completely eluded me, but again, total userscript noob.

Maybe leaving this here will at least help someone else avoid that confusion.

I don’t think that the detection part is obvious, in addition sometimes the detection fails and you get a download instead anyway.

Someone even managed to install a script as a browser extension because they also end in .user.js, so anything can happen.

That’s… kind of hilarious actually. I feel better about myself, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m getting the wrong strokes for 飴 here, not sure if it can be resolved but I thought I would at least mention it:

The Jisho.org page shows the correct one:
飴 Jisho

Interestingly, the radical WK uses is not exactly the one used in the kanji, could that be the reason? Or is it just a coincidence?

Both are correct. They are variants of the same kanji. I believe the stroke order you are getting from this script is technically the more modern variant, but as of JIS X 0213 the stroke order on Jisho is the recommended version. I’m not sure which WK intends to teach. It could just be a font issue on your end

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Ah, then it’s all good, I never thought it could be due to standards and fonts…I just assumed it was a mistake. My bad…
As for fonts, I don’t usually mess with those, but I remember installing a font from https://www.nihilist.org.uk/ on October.
Anyway I’ll just keep it in mind for the next time I find discrepancies.

Thank you!

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I can get this to work on Chrome on a Mac but not on Safari on a Mac.
Can anyone tell me why this might be the case?