[Unsupported] [Userscript] Stroke Order Diagram

This is cool. I’ll try it, together with the one showing sample sentences.

To me this is the single most useful WK addon. Thank you so much for the amazing work, looki!

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone :slight_smile: Really makes me happy.

I want to say that this script has been awesome. Yesterday I sat down and used it to challenge myself to go through the lessons and write out kanji in what I thought would be the proper stroke order, then checking against the script’s display. I’m not worried about learning to write the kanji perfectly, at this point, but it was a really good way to practice and understand stroke order. 

Again, thanks a lot for making this script.

Happy to hear that! I’m exactly the same. I mainly wrote the script so I
could immediately try and remember the proper stroke order when doing
lessons; even though I’m not shooting for native-level writing abilities, the proper stroke order can sometimes help you understand how kanji parts connect etc.

I look forward to trying this one out! I’m always worried that I’ll never get around to learning the stroke order and forever be lost when writing. Good work.

Awesome! Thanks for this script.

Hmmm, using it with TamperMonkey and Chrome on OSX results in . . . nothing.  TamperMonkey has a red “1” on the icon, I assume indicating that the script isn’t running correctly.

ETA:  Blorp, right it only appears on “Kanji” pages, not radicals or vocab pages.

any chance uploading this to www.greasyfork.org ? userscripts.org has a downtime again.



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I was just doing some lessons. As I tabbed to the next item, sometimes it would show the stroke order for the previous item instead of the current one. I’m using WaniKani Lesson Order as well.

Yeah, I actually noticed that problem as well. I copied that code from the phono-semantic kanji add-on, which has the same problem. I’ll have to look into it and find a solution!

How do I add a userscript to safari or chrome?

This script still has an annoying bug which causes the diagrams not to appear during lessons, but if you still want to use it right now, install the Tampermonkey extension for Chrome and then click on the download link for my script. It should automatically ask you if you want to install it.

Er… so it only appears during reviews?

No, it’s supposed to appear during lessons, reviews and on the info pages of kanji.
But there’s a bug which causes the stroke order diagrams to be a bit late during lessons. Basically, by cycling through the tabs during a lesson (Meaning, Reading, Examples, …) you should be able to force the diagram to update if it hasn’t loaded properly yet. I’ll fix that soon though!

For me, it appears also during lessons.

It’s only for the kanjis, though. For vocab, you wont see the order for the kanjis in it.

I have finally overcome my laziness and fixed the userscript for lesson & review pages. I can’t test the review pages since I don’t have any kanji reviews, but I fake-tested it with vocab reviews and it should work…

Thank you very much for this - works like a charm!

Thank you. I really needed it.