[Unsupported] Progress Chart Script

They all worked fine until yesterday for me. I guess it might have to do with them not getting any data from the wanikanitools site.
I already messaged some friends that might be able to maintain this. will see how it goes i guess.

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They won’t have the historical data from the original site though. Let’s see if he responds on github. Or maybe we are lucky and it is just a temporary outage. It is not the first one as far as I remember.

Even if the server has been shutdown, usually the data are not erased at once.

Yes but the original creator would have to be respnsive and willing to hand it over. He seems to be very busy or has lost interest. We‘ll see… :frowning:

It works again for me (at least for now) so lets hope it was just a temporary outage of that wanikanitools site :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, not the first time it happened. But eventually it will go down for good I guess.

I sometimes back up my csv file from here: https://wanikanitools-golang.curiousattemptbunny.com/srs/status/history.csv?api_key=yourkeyhere

And I also have a self updating google spreadsheet (maybe based on this one? I forgot WaniKani API + Google Docs Awesomeness ) where I initially imported the data from that csv so that I had some history available.

Just getting ready for the day that my favorite WaniKani chart and script is permanently not available anymore.

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I just downloaded the csv too.
Ive been using that google sheet for a while (from before i reset my lvl) but its nice having it on my dashboard. I didnt find the script until i was already lvl 5 though so its kind of sad i cant add the previous levels to it.
At least i have the full data in the spreadsheet for now

I know, I also prefer having it in the dashboard. Maybe one day if this becomes unavailable someone builds a script that displays the data based on the google doc or something. I thought about it briefly but right now I don’t think I have enough energy/free time/ motivation to do it.

that would be amazing. kind of like how wkstats.com pulls data or indeed be able to add your own csv. i wish i knew how to do it, i would start right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure this is dead. The site that hosted the script date is down and return a 502. I missing seeing my graph :frowning:

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I like mine. It writes to an amazon rds after each session. Mean review sessions / day for the last 20 days: 12.48.

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Got a script?

I wrote it for myself a few weeks ago. Several interactive plots. I’d like to make it available to others. I’ll keep you posted @polarisrising.


Actually just a quick question: do you use a tampermonkey script to hook onto the end of each session? that’s the mysterious part to me. I could probably figure out the api part. Also, do you store it as a CVS on the rds?

I do not use tampermonkey. I’ll look into that. I wrote everything in Python. Script to get user data and write it to db is a few lines of code. I do not store as csv. I store each property of user data as an attribute of the database table. Next step: Implement periodic (maximum allowed) wanikani api calls. If data different, write new record to db. I’ll keep you posted. Basically, I’ve created something small and simple, and I find it really helpful for myself. I don’t want it to distract from learning the language. I want it to help people in a non-distracting way.

I wrote another little thing for myself. It orders the items by correct % in reverse order and builds a flashcards deck for myself. Growth spurt!

Understandable. I’m planning on writing one myself, but I’m not sure how you hooked into the end of the session, that’s all. You stuff looks great though!

Thanks. A direct messaging service thru wk would be nice.

Since the server from Hitechbunny has been unavailable for a while, I also wrote a small backend application which produces the same CSV format as the old service. This means you can still use the script from https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/35929-wanikani-progress-chart but fill it from a different source.
Just replace the URL https://wanikanitools-golang.curiousattemptbunny.com/srs/status/history.csv by https://apps.xlrnet.org/wk-dashboard-progress/history and the script will show historical progress data again. The code should look like this in the end:

Unfortunately, this means that you have to start collecting data again and can’t display the values which Hitechbunny already collected :frowning: The data will be collected both on request (after a certain interval) and periodically every six hours. Records are only written if anything changed.

I wrote this small backend last weekend, so it isn’t really optimized or well tested yet. The source code is available at https://github.com/jhendess/wk-dashboard-progress-server/. More documentation and an updated userscript will follow (maybe in a new thread).


I wish the original author would at least stand up his server so we could get historical data :frowning: