[Unsupported] Leech training script

seem like other people are having this problem too - the blank circle of nothingness. Hope someone can come in and fix/redo this script like @rfindley did for the correct button one. (thank you btw for that - now i am second guessing that it was you! sorry if i’ve misremembered!)

So I tried using this again for the first time in a while and realized it somehow broke. Since the OP seems to be gone for the moment and I really like this script I decided I’d give a try at fixing it myself. I spent probably 30-60 mins trying to figure out what’s wrong but I finally figured it out and fixed it. Here’s the update for those that would also like it. https://pastebin.com/Ax8VzVFF

For those using TamperMonkey, you just copy everything in the pastepin, go to your dashboard, click on your current Leech Trainer script, highlight everything with ctrl+A then press ctrl+V to override the old version with the new one then press ctrl+S to save it and you’re done. I don’t know anything about other script managers but I imagine the process wouldn’t be too different.


Thanks, but after one review it stopped working again.

I made that alteration a couple of months ago and it’s working just fine :thinking:

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I updated the leech training script with @RysingDragon’s revised code (thanks!) and it was working great for weeks until today. Back to the blank circle look :disappointed:

If you (and others) can’t get this script up to snuff again, an alternative can be the Additional Filter Script.

When combined with the Self-Study Quiz, you can craft quizzes that focus solely on your leeches.

I know it’s not the same, but it’s nice to have something that helps to deal with them!

I just checked myself and yep it’s broken. It seems to be because the server which it was fetching information from is down, nothing I can do about that unforunately :frowning:
We can only either a) wait for the server to come back up (if it does) or b) use the scripts that @Omun mentioned.


It it possible to make a version that doesn’t need the server? I think one of the older versions has a similar function, where it didn’t use the server to store the leaches.

It’s possible, but that would require a whole ton more coding than I have the time for atm.

Thanks for checking. At least we know why it isn’t working.

I just found out about the whole API/third party app thing, and honestly I think this one will help me loads! There are a few words that just wont cooperate with me, haha. So thanks! :durtle_noice:

I’ve just installed this but when I hit enter nothing happens - it won’t move beyond the first kanji?

Yeah this has just happened to me too, I was using leech trainer fine for the last week before today, now all of a sudden, ‘enter’ is doing nothing.

Try changing line 265 to read:

var code = e.originalEvent ? (e.originalEvent.charCode ? e.originalEvent.charCode : e.originalEvent.keyCode ? e.originalEvent.keyCode : 0) : (e.charCode ? e.charCode : e.keyCode ? e.keyCode : 0);

and 266 to read:

if (code === 13) {

I think something happened with a Chrome browser update that broke the original code. Not sure.


Thanks! Did that and it works perfectly now :slight_smile:

Thank you! Now it works perfectly.

Oh yeah I have the same bug. Don’t know how to change things in the code myself though (also a little too lazy to find out maybe) soooo I’m hoping it will get fixed :slight_smile:

Edit: ooooh wait it says unsupported in the title. Rip me.

Legend! Thanks for the fix!

I think this is dead now. The url no longer loads.

You can use Self Study + Additional Filters to do leech training if you want.

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