[Unsupported] Dashboard Userscript: Leech, Apprentice, and Guru detail (aka SRS level progress)

This is what I get :slight_smile: Hope this is what you were asking for.

No scripts installed recently. The last thing I did was updating your script.

Hum, I don’t know really. We give our API away to use scripts, so I guess the API key doesn’t give private info, just stats and stuff. Deleted my post nevertheless :slight_smile:


Sorry. This was a bug in introduced server-side. CORS was a red herring. Deploying the fix now. Verified it’s fixed.

Normal service resumed folks! Thanks for reporting the problem and working with me on it.


Yup, it’s working. Thanks once again for your work! :slight_smile:

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Ok, I have a fix incoming for Dark Breeze. They were using !important in their css so a simple jQuery hide() wouldn’t work.

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Is the relatively recent increase in dark themes somehow related to gaming? I’ve heard people say that white themes are too bright, which makes me think they’ve got their brightness too high on their monitor. And when I ask myself why someone wouldn’t just adjust their monitor brightness, I think… maybe they’re used to gaming, where they turn up the brightness to see things better in dark 3d game environments. I’m not a gamer, so… just wondering. Personally, dark themes are hard on my eyes, but I’m used to working in a well-lit office.

Thanks for asking, @Mujteba. I added a definition to the opening post:


It’s generally just easier on your eyes. Even if you turn down your brightness, you still get all the light from your monitor since it’s white. With a dark theme you mostly just get the light from background bleed and such. If you work on a computer the whole day it really makes a difference.
But let’s not derail the thread, back to topic please. :stuck_out_tongue:

@hitechbunny, the leeches panel is now showing a list as follows:

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I’ve sped up the server-side significantly (by rewriting the logic in Go). It’s now 10x faster! If you noticed lag in updating the dashboard before, it should now be much less noticeable. :smiley: (derp - the right hand side is “After Rewrite”…)

The median response time is now 10x faster! Also for the folks for whom it was slow, it was very slow indeed. Now even the slow responses are coming in at around the 2 second mark. :wink:

I’m pushing out an update to the userscript now. Let me know if you have issues. :dancing_men:


Man, I’m so pleased with this result. I get sub-500ms response times for my api key :smile:.

Ah. I also made the script preload a cached response while the user is on the review summary page. So … it will appear to be instantaneous! :dancing_men:

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Could you give me some advice on how to utilise the “LEECHES COMING UP FOR REVIEW” List?

@zdennis I use the list to brush up on their mnemonics by click on them.

I’m thinking:
A: Its cheating to lookup vocab before reviews.
B: its okay because they are leeches.
A: but what if they are new aprentice items.
B: they stop beeing leeches if you get them right 2-3 times
A: what if the leech system does not give you enough tries for the item to get sticky by itself?

If I understand the concept right: The leeches list makes sure that you know the answere for upcoming leeches before participate in the “review test”?

@zdennis, To avoid the cheating issue, look up vocabulary in your leech list immediately AFTER completing your reviews. Doing it just before reviews is pointless.

New apprentice items are best excluded from a leech list. I am not sure if the leech formula in the upcoming leeches list excludes items which are new apprentice items. @hitechbunny did exclude them in his other leech applications.

If they stop being leeches, they will show a lower leech score and may drop off your leech list.

If the leech system does not give you enough tries, it remains in the leech system.

Ultimately, it is better to read widely and get a more natural exposure to these words. Sometimes, during a review, I recognise a word that I recently read in NHK Easy. I don’t consider it cheating because I happen to see that word in NHK Easy.

Doesn’t this make the whole upcoming leeches pointless?
They are not in the list ater the review because it only shows upcoming.

I think the list should move to the review summary page.

To be clear I only talk about the new added feature: “LEECHES COMING UP FOR REVIEW”

The review summary page already identifies the items, which I just got wrong. That list is the most useful list to me after a review.

If the upcoming leeches appears only on the review summary page, it will disappear as soon as I click on the “dashboard” button. I would be happier to see it on the dashboard in place of the “critical items” list.

I take your point that it looks like users are being encouraged to take a peek at their next review before they do it. Likewise, the ultimate timeline allows users to view all the items up for the next (and subsequent) reviews if you mouse over the coloured bars.

Wouldn’t it be better to show a list of leeches from last review rather than from upcoming review?
Because after you refresh your dashboard they also disappear.

For me, the leech screen saver is the most useful tool. The leeches appear in no particular order at a time when I am not preparing to do a review.

Would you find the list more useful if it showed the ones with the highest number of incorrect answers instead of which leech is appearing in your next review?

I would like to acknowledge that @hitechbunny has put in an amazing effort to make these available to us. A lot of the processing is done on his own server.

Thank you for your work @hitechbunny :grinning:

If its only shows you the highest number of incorrect answeres it woul’t be usefull.
That would only be a pile of shame :wink:

But if you add the abbility to hide entries which gets visible after you get them wrong in a review again. That would be nice.

Because then I would have a nice todo-list which I could work through