[Unsupported] Dashboard Userscript: Leech, Apprentice, and Guru detail (aka SRS level progress)

You’re welcome! The caching layer provided by GitHub - curious-attempt-bunny/wanikanitools: Tools for users of Wanikani.com (a japanese study website) made the fix rather quick to implement (if I dare say so myself).

I noticed this morning when I checked my timeline about 20 mins ago! Thank you so much!

Somehow, for me, seeing the numbers move from group to group is even more motivating than just seeing it move from Apprentice to Guru, etc so I really like this script. Thanks for your hard work. :slight_smile:

Yes. I find that too! :smiley:

I added a leech indicator! :smiley:

And you can click through to a leeches report. :dancing_men:


Nice! One question though, how do you define/calculate a leech?

It’s the same definition/calculation as Leech Detector now:


Slight differences:

  • This exposes the current streak of correct answers (which is part of the calculation: score = wrong / streak).
  • This lists each item only once picking whichever is worst of reading and meaning.
  • You can sort by all columns (and sorting by SRS breaks them out by SRS level).
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I don’t know why, but I click on a column and nothing happens. The only way I can change the order is through the link. I’m using Chrome.

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Yeah, @jprspereira . The sorting is server-side. It’s inefficient code I threw together. PRs welcome if you have the bandwidth. See:


Hmm. To be really lazy I could just render all sort variants server-side and turn their display on and off client-side … :smiley:

Yeah, I was just making sure that I wasn’t having something unplanned. I can handle having to change the link. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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@jprspereira Okay. I implement what looks like client-side sorting. No more lag when clicking the table headings.

I have around a thousand leeches at the moment according to the new feature. Is that really correct or a mistake? (I’m not very experienced with extensions)

Yeah, my numbers changed completely from last night. Yesterday I had like 50 leeches in total and now I have like 180? Oo’


But seriously, this is more than 1000 :joy::joy::joy:

Ah yes! Leech Detector shows you the worst 50 leeches. I wanted the number to be able to go down too, so right now I’m looking for the best threshold after which a leech score identifies it as a leech. Can you help me out @jprspereira & @NathaLire by clicking on the leech indicator (to go to the leeches list), sorting by score, and then taking a screenshot of the tipping point in the list where you no longer feel like an item listed is a leech? That would be super helpful!

I don’t know if the score is an accurate measure by itself. There’s a lot of items that I constantly got wrong in the past but that now are very easy to recall.

To answer your question, I feel completely safe after the score is below 2. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any items that I also feel completely safe with a score higher than that. This comes from what I mentioned above (got it wrong a lot of times before, but now it’s ok).


Probably somewhere around here! But otherwise I feel the same as @jprspereira

Thanks, @jprspereira, @NathaLire. As a quick solution I think I’ll try setting the threshold like this:

  • levels 1-9: score >= 0.5
  • levels 10-24: score >= 2.0
  • levels 25+: score >= 2.3


Ideally I could get your help improving the scoring formula… Right now it’s the Leech Detector one: number_wrong_for_all_time / current_streak_of_correct_answers. Any suggestions for an improvement on that?


Is it possible to somehow transform the first element (number_wrong_for_all_time) into something like (number_wrong_for_past_2_months)? Because, as jprspereira said, some leeches might not be leeches anymore.

The thresholds you came up with sound good! I hope we’re representative enough ;___;

Thank you for changing everything so quickly though!! I really like your userscript, I use it a lot to see how my items progress!!

This script is great! The 2.0 threshold seems good, but 0.5 feels a bit to low. It says I have a total of 250 leaches, and I may have 50 or even 100, but never 250. I don’t even have 1000 items in total yet. My point is, many of the ones it counts as leaches I know very well.

If 0.5 is good for most users, keep it that way. Thanks for making the script!


Thanks for your input, @savee13. What threshold would work for you in your case? Can you paste a screenshot?

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