[Unsupported] Dashboard Userscript: Leech, Apprentice, and Guru detail (aka SRS level progress)

To get the background back you need to make a minor change to the script.

Find this piece of code

        else {
            json.review_order.forEach(function(review_leech) {
                review_html += '<tr id="'+review_leech.subject_type+'-'+review_leech.subject_id+'"><td><a href="/'+review_leech.subject_type+'/'+review_leech.name+'"><span lang="ja">'+review_leech.name+'</span><span class="pull-right">'+review_leech.worst_score.toLocaleString(undefined, { minimumFractionDigits: 2, maximumFractionDigits: 2 })+'</span></a></td></tr>';

Now change the <tr id= to <tr class=
Save the script and reload the page. It should work.