Unmarshalling api v2 in go-lang?

does anyone have any codebase that unmarshalls known kanji, radicals, or vocab in go-lang would be great, but before i spend all weekend trying to format an unmarshaller,
i wanted to ask first, i just spent the better part of the day trying to get
a go-gin backend to hit the darn thing from an angular 8 0auth authenticated front-end.

or better yet is there a way to use the API to query known kanji lists
or get all kanji of a user’s level ?

i want to end up with a list of kanji and a list of vocab, any mastery level

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if anyone was curious, i found a site that automatically can take the payload
and convert it automatically into a struct that can be used to unmarshal the json

im now working on conditionally parsing the json into kanji and vocab arrays.

also realized i really didn’t need to do the auth0 authentication for the thing in the first place,
because a user providing their key would be all i need to identify users …

i’ll put it to use elsewhere, i had a ganpura app in the works that wasn’t using auth0, and could use. the template could also be useful