Unlocked level 16 - it's getting harder I think

Just unlocked level 16. I have more “burned” items (493) than “guru” items (489) for the first time. That calls for a small celebration at home…

I think it’s getting harder. For every level there are a few new items that’s gonna start jumping between apprentice/guru/master. It’s starting to add up … I also think many of the “context sentences” are too difficult which may mean that I must study more grammar to keep up with my vocabulary.


The furthest I made it was 22. Reset. I’m back to 15 14, and definitely starting to run into things I don’t remember as well. I’ve been doing bunpro and am almost through N5, the example sentences definitely use things N4 and up, but grammar is definitely good to do.


How’s your experience with Bunpro? I just started using it recently (I’ve only covered 30 grammar points in N5, I keep adding 3-6 every day so I don’t get overwhelmed with it).

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I feel like I’m going to go mad by the time I reach level 16. There’s already so much just by level 8. :confused: Is there anywhere you’re studying or planning to study grammar to go with the course? There are so many options out there.

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I feel you. I got to about level 18 and took a crazy long break, and after that logged in every now and then just to burn items.

A part of me is grateful cause now I can level up quickly without being overwhelmed (feels like I’m just level 10). The other part of me can’t help but wonder how much further ahead I’d be if I had kept with it–honestly, really far I bet!

Don’t be like me, waiting a year to learn all the useful kanji in the 死 Death levels :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::fire: You got this!


I use GENKI workbook and I do about two classes a week on Italki.com - it’s partly speaking/listening and partly for grammar


if you’re getting lots of items dropping back repeatedly, those are leeches. people recommend doing extra exercises to help remember those, and there’s userscripts and such for that (a combination of item inspector and self-study quiz, i think?).

leeches are a thing lots of people struggle with, and are definitely worth working on ^^

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Ahh, you’re going old school with a book. :stuck_out_tongue: I used Japanese From Zero! at first, but I quickly got tired of writing out all my answers in kana so by the second chapter of book 2 I kinda gave up on it. I have the entire set all brand new, too. sigh

Nah. Those sentences are there to give you an idea of how to use your vocab. Some of them are too ridiculous to understand even with a decent level of japanese (not saying mine is any good or anything), so wouldn’t worry about that. Them being too difficult for you only means they are too difficult for you. If you feel like you lack grammar, and it prevents you from accessing certain content, then you could try doing something about it. When I tried immersing before starting wk with 0 kanji knowledge, I found not knowing kanji to be the biggest problem BY FAR. Context can often cover up your grammar gaps, but as I said, context sentences on wk are too goofy and bizarre and a lot of times you have no chance of guessing what you’re about to see at the end of the sentence. That might make it seem like you severely lack grammar knowledge when that’s actually not the case.
Items do stack up. You can either slow down or increase your accuracy. Or just deal with the increasing daily dose of reviews until it hits your possible maximum (probably around 150-200 for me, not sure).

I am supplementing WK with Genki. Currently going through L9 and the combination has been working great. I also try to watch anime or Japanese YT regularly to further immerse myself and it’s working quite well. Without Genki and only using WK, it would definitely feel like I was bottlenecked in grammar. Without basic grammar knowledge, it’s very difficult to figure out sentences.

I feel you, think I’m gonna take a break from lessons once I hit lvl 20 and just do reviews and leech session for a week or two. Just to get my current batch of items under control.

Hang in there!

I still see the part of me when i started this. What has change is my mind. Wanikani is addictive(kinda in a good way).

As always each person moves at their own pace but I’m about done N5 and I find that I add 3 grammar points every 3 days and that seems about right for me. I might have been able to do 2 days, but I don’t want to burn myself out. Any faster, and my ghosts just shoot through the roof.

If you haven’t seen it already, there’s a place to add your Wanikani API key to turn off furigana for studied kanji - > super useful for reinforcement.



But seriously don’t sweat that it’s getting more difficult. That’s how it should be! Enjoy being challenged. :smiley:


Gaak!! Now I’m scared!! So far it’s been pretty easy, because I learned so much on Duolingo… You’re my “test subject”, Earley…

Geez, Matt, it seems like you’re doing so much of all of the “right” things. !! Maybe it will get easier again add it gets into more Vocabulary that you already know.

Should I be writing all of this stuff down “on paper”, another file and be reviewing when it’s not my wk review?!? (Ugh! That would suck; my plan was to “trust the system”)

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Yeah I added it (I’m used to it from KaniWani and KameSame now lol). There are still a lot of kanji that I don’t know on Bunpro, but that’s okay since they don’t expect me to.

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