Unlock dates unchanged after reset and level up

After realising the reason I couldn’t get back on the wanikani bus was the depressing feeling every time I started on my 2000+ reviews that I hadn’t seen for a year and couldn’t remember anything I decided to reset my account. I did it in stages to identify the best level to reset to and it was lower than I hoped, but 仕方がない。

I have now levelled up a couple of times and am powering through as I don’t feel overwhelmed which is awesome. But on the the bug report.

If I look at a Kanji I’ve just unlocked, for example 食 it lists my unlock date as the original date I unlocked it, which was 2 years ago, instead of the new unlock date of last week.

I realise this doesn’t really change anything, but it irks me and some of my stats are skewed by it.

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I think you should also send an email with that to hello@wanikani.com, they sometimes miss things in the forum, and you will get more direct feedback.

Following as I too am considering resetting…

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