Uni - does it mean university?

Hi everybody,
there are two reading mnemonics which don’t make much sense to me. And as english isn’t my first language I just want to be sure, that I understand it correctly:

売る To Sell:

You want to sell something, but what? What can you sell that will take the least amount of work? Uni (う)! They’re just hanging out in the ocean, ready for the taking. Go scoop some up, watch out for the pointy bits, and sell them for some quick cash!

打つ To Hit:

Something is coming toward your face. It’s black and spiky and it’s definitely going to hit you right in the eye. It’s an uni (う). Have you ever seen one of those things before? You definitely aren’t going to be happy with whoever is trying to hit you with an uni.

Please can you tell me if uni means University or something else in the context of those mnemonics?
Thank you!


No, uni means sea urchin.


Great, thanks!

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However, when I say uni it means university

I eat university all the time


In Soviet Russia, university eats you!

I'll show myself out.

To clarify, it is the Japanese word for a sea urchin. 海胆


This title is a little confusing because “uni” is short for university is some English speaking regions. So if answering the title only, with no reference to japanese, the answer would be yes…
…but actually no.

I only know about uni because I watch too much Food Network


Uni does mean university eg in the UK. I was glad to find this thread as I’d been having problems with “to hit” as well!


By the way, the reading (in English) is different depending on the meaning.
Uni that’s short for university is read ユニ, but the sea urchin uni is read as うに

God, it’s really cool answer, but… I’ve already found unicorn d**k meaning in urban. Who’ll take responsibility for that… Firstly naked Koichi, now unicorns. Jorney full of veird stuff. But well, now I won’t be able to forget “う-uni” even if I want.

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