Understanding videogames

How far will Tobira (with Genki I and II before that) + WaniKani get me for understanding stuff like Japanese RPG’s? By then I’ll be around N3. Will that give me a solid understanding of the plot, even if I don’t understand everything?

Should have you fairly well covered in terms of grammar and kanji. The problem, of course, is going to be vocab specific to whatever game you’re playing. Tobira is a really good textbook but its reading are about things like Japan’s education system, convenience stores and vending machines, geography - things like that. Maybe you can find a memrise or anki course with common ‘videogame’ vocab?

Good idea. No textbook is gonna text me “zap laser”, “sheath of darkness”, or “benevolent wings of paradise”, etc., etc. Now that I think about it, by the time I finish WK, I’ll probably be way past Tobira. Thanks!


I think it really depends on the RPG in question. Lately I’ve been playing on and off a dating sim called Dot Kareshi, and it’s based in an old fantasy RPG. And it is very hard for me to personally get through. There is just so much fantasy jargon and grammar forms I’m not used too. But an RPG like yokai watch, Pokemon and even Persona are much easier to understand because their based in modern day, and don’t use so many classic RPG/fantasy vocab.

What level, relative to the JLPT, would you put yourself at?

Gah!!! Sorry for the super slow response.
I’m just barely hitting the N2 level at the moment. So high intermediate.

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