Understanding Pokemon names' pun

This Japanese bulbapedia of sorts says there are registered trademarks for romaji spellings of Japanese names, but acknowledges that specially for the first generation, other spellings might be used too.


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This is more because of lack of consistency of the brand, similar to the english side really. It began to be ironed out between gen 3 and 4, but the modern consistency of almost everything only hit around gen 6 (a lot of things happened in gen 6 lol). Old spellings are not commonly found in new material, mostly used in the 2010s and below.

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Curiously the trademarked name for ウインディ seems to be Windie and not Windy. Funny

Gen 1 japanese names are funny because most are extremely simple english words, even so far as calling them boring, but theyre the ones with the most romanization issues because so many variations were made before they ever put their foot down that the brand itself had issues with it for most of the time.

I think at least now there is one “true” version of arcanine’s romanization name which is used for merch and anime subs etc, I just don’t remember which one it was, but it would be very funny if it wasnt the trademark version lmao

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Yeah, I think the Gengar (English name) x Gangar (Japanese name official spelling) is one of the worst cases D=

Had nothing to do so checked it for the first generation Pokemon. Other awkward cases:

Doduo x Dodo
Dodrio x Dodorio
Pidgeotto x Pigeon
Pidgeot x Pigeot (pretty bad, too)
Omanyte x Omnite
Omastar x Omstar
Krabby x Crab (lol)
Eevee x Eievui (god I hate that spelling, lol. And since Eevee is so popular it does appear quite a lot)


That page actually has everything, and more detailed than 各言語版での名称と由来 in respective Pokemon pages, but somehow Bulbapedia tried to explain even more.

Your IME doesn’t automatically convert?

Although on a regular keyboard IME “wi” should give you ウィ since words like ウィング, ウィンク, ウィーク especially aren’t that uncommon. Oh and and パーティ :wink:

One of the reasons for making a spreadsheet was to learn animal and plant vocabularies. I made a vocabulary list (from wiki.ポケモン.com, more than directly from Pokemon names).


Maybe the Wiki is confused? There appears to be both グルー and グール.

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