Understanding Japan - A Cultural History

Found this interesting series on youtube and thought I’d share :slight_smile:
I think episode 4 in particular (which I just finished) would be useful to many here as it focuses on the language rather than the history.
Let me know what you think!


Thanks for sharing! I’m bookmarking this series to enjoy later! ^>^

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Wow this is super duper interesting!!

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Prof. Ravina’s Great Courses lecture series on The Rise of Modern Japan is also well worth watching. It’s not free like this Youtube playlist (I bought it on sale awhile ago) taken from his lecture series on “Understanding Japan: A Cultural History”, but talks about the culture and society of Japan after WW2 up until the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

About language and “lost in translation”, there was one thing that stuck in my mind from that series: when Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Satō met with American President Richard Nixon, Satō was asked to make concessions on textile exports and gave a standard Japanese reply: “ 善処します” (“I’ll do my best”) — in other words, “No” (which Nixon completely misunderstood).


Thank you for the link. I just watched the first part and I will watch the following ones. In fact the series you linked is even longer, it consists of 24 episodes of about 30 minutes each. .


Oh cool, updated the link to go to this playlist instead!

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