Understanding 持ってきてください

This is from Genki 1, lesson 6:
I understand it as “Please bring your textbook with you,” but I’m confused about there being two te-form verbs: 持って and きて.
Is it an idiom that these two verbs together mean “to bring something”?
What would the sentence mean if one said instead 教科書を持ってくださいね ? Is it just “please have your textbook”?


持ってください would only mean something like “please hold”. 持ってくる becomes “hold and come”. It’s a pattern you will get used to eventually cause it happens a lot.

Think of て form as a series of actions here. 持って hold くる come.

教科書を持ってきてくださいね。Please get/hold your textbook and come.

Edit: so yes it means “bring” :sweat_smile:


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