Undefined -1 bug

Undefined in the input box and -1 in the review count.
Might be caused by new items being added to the queue while I was doing a review (new reviews were incoming at 10:00 and I finished my review at 10:05). Might be caused by the Wanikani Double-Check userscript that allows lightning mode to skip the animations and move straight onto the next item. Either way, not a big deal because I just clicked the home button, finished the extra review items and everything was fine.

Afaik it’s double check, ye, and it’s caused I’m pretty sure when you double tap enter after the last item. But haven’t done much testing

Yup that makes the most sense

I also had the same -1 bug, it doesn’t really bother me much, however once the entire site froze after I finished my last review. Weird.