Unable to see resurrected items

I just tried to unburn a few items, but I’m unable to see them in my review queue on WaniKani. Has anyone had issues with this lately?

I’m able fetch them if I use the API, but unable to submit anything for those reviews - getting a 422 Record Invalid.

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Worked just fine for me. I just unburned お酒 and it went right to my review queue.

Are you using something other than the item page to do that? Maybe your usage of the API isn’t correct?

Can you list some of the problem items you’ve unburn?

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I’m using WK’s official UI to unburn. I used the API as a “sanity check” and it fetched the correct items that should be in the review queue.

I started noticing the issue this morning and it wasn’t consistent, but I had no issues before today.

These are the items I tried to unburn (I also reburned them and unburned them to see if that would help):

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Are the items you listed in the problematic state or did you revert them?


I see all the kanji you listed as burned right now.

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I reverted them earlier, but I unburned those four items just now. They are now in the problematic state.


Ok I’ve identified the issue. It had to do with some recent code changes we’ve done. Will update you once the fix is live. Sorry for the inconvenience.


No worries. Appreciate the rapid response!

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Ok. Give it a try now.


Awesome, looks good now. Thanks!

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Hi @viet, follow up:

As of 20:50 PST, I’m unable to submit resurrected reviews both with through the WaniKani UI itself and through the API. Nothing seems to look wrong while reviewing items through the UI (with the dev tools console open) until I get to the results page where it looks like I didn’t do any reviews.

I tried through the API as well and I would still get the {"error":"Record invalid","code":422} (with assignment_id: 155522387)

Looking into this now.


Found the cause. Looks like I didn’t account for something. Getting the fix out now. Will let you know when it is live.


Ok fix is live now. Give it a whirl. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


It looks good now, thanks again!

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