Umm 血税 (O.o)

Anyone else slightly disturbed that tax payer’s money is called 血税 (blood tax).

What was going on when this word was made??

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It’s a word my (taxpaying) girlfriend hasn’t heard before, and the definition makes it sound quite extreme, not just any old taxes.


I have a JJ dictionary for kids, it says
けつぜい「血税」血を流すような苦労をしておさめる税金。 例 国民の血税。


Off topic but could someone tell me what this means?

Er. It’s how your pronounce 血税.


The term also has an archiac meaning as “conscription.” And also in other languages, “blood tax” was a derogatory word used for military conscription. As in a tax paid by bloodshed.

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Dont know why I thought it was something else

Yeah, that’s just how Japanese dictionary entries are formatted. They first show the kana, and then they list any possible kanji forms.

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