Um is this a good way to study Kanji?

(So a little background here, I’m a huge fan of this game called pop’n music so yeah.)

Anyways, it’s all in Japanese. Luckily, I own some games and art books, and there’s websites.

And I use them to attempt to read them. A lot of the manuals have hiragana on top of the kanji as well. It feels exciting when I manage to read the kanji without using the little hiragana letters on the top lol

Also it helps me learn some new readings, at least, even if I don’t understand what the kanji means sometimes whoops,

It’s like reading, while only understanding half of it. My head mostly ends up hurting though, but if it’s a good way to study it then I will continue anyways.


(adding more I also try to study by reading the lyrics to songs while listening to them hue

Anything that exposes you to more Japanese is good. But if your head really hurts then it’s probably not that good. However, as long as you accompany WK with grammar learning and exposing yourself to Japanese in the wild, you’re on the correct path.


No pain, no gain? :stuck_out_tongue:


reading any Japanese hurts my head to begin with, maybe after a while it won’t.

I have had that happen when learning new things. If it starts to hurt, close your eyes and relax into it. It should clear up, and not only that but feel great. I can not prove it, as I am not a neurologist, but I think that may happen when learning something that uses a different part of your brain. It can cause you to actually start creating new dendrites or pathways in your mind. I believe it is studied that people who speak multiple languages have different wavelengths or even progression of the way the mind might function.

TL;DR It is a good thing your mind is in pain. Just relax into it.

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True true. If your head hurts it means you’re learning!

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These are xalled furigana (振り仮名)

I think as long as your having fun doing the hard thing, even though it makes your head hurt, it should be fine. Once it starts to feel like a chore and you’re not getting anywhere, maybe take step back and try to solidify grammar you studied/learn some new grammar usins a different method. And revisit it later


Nah i feel like im going somewhere doing this

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I assumed hue

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Hey thanks! I found that pretty interesting



“Save image as…”


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