Ultimate Timeline not showing upcoming reviews

So I’m having a slight issue after setting up the Wanikani ultimate timeline and I’m hoping someone might have a solution. Right now, my timeline is only showing review sessions that I’ve already completed, and not the upcoming ones. Is there anything I can do to see what reviews are coming up?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think the timeline has the ability to show past sessions. Are you sure about this? Screenshot?


Maybe, only showing upcoming reviews, but not upcoming lessons? Which in itself isn’t a thing.


Thanks for the responses. Turns out I had made a mistake. I had assumed it would show several of the upcoming reviews, but I forgot that it only shows one at a time because the wait times depend on your accuracy. I expected to see many upcoming reviews but only saw one and assumed it was a recent review session. Sorry again.
Best, Schimke

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