Ugh... Back after 6 months

Had to take about seven months off for health and work. Down to 890 reviews… :flushed:

Fortunately, not taking the JLPT this year, so no pressure to move quickly!


Welcome back! You can do it!


Gotta go fast! Which level would you go for? :eyes:

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Know that feeling.

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Welcome back & good luck with your reviews!

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that’s some scary stuff, good luck!!

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Suggestion for dealing with a large backlog: it’s tempting to try to run through them quickly, but prioritize accuracy. If you clear a 900 backlog by dropping 450 of them back down to Apprentice… you’ll be back up to 500 within a few days.


That’s a great idea. How do I drop them back down?

I passed N4 two years ago. Took N2 last year, but didn’t pass that one. Not going to take it again this year, I have other projects that will take up enough time that I won’t have time to prepare well.

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W-w-what happened to your vacation mode?! you poor thing…

:joy: the reviews just piled up really, really quickly once I had it turned off.

がんばって, Seimaki!

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