Udemy courses for 10 Euro?

Apperantly Udemy courses goes for 10 Euro/ 10 dollars a piece for new students for 48 hours? Is this real life?

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They have had some on sale for $10 for a while this spring and also some for $16 in the US.

Courses have been on sale for $10, as well as $16, what seems like a bunch of times now.

I didn’t know. Just seemed insane, since the courses originally costs 150 each. Sounds like a bargain :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s thier marketing tactic…list a high “original price”, then always have it on sale. They just vary the sale price at times.

Never heard of the site before. Are any of the courses worth getting?

For $10, yeah. For $150, not at all.
It feels a bit like being in a classroom, but you’re the only one, and you can’t interact with the teacher at all.

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