Typing furigana in OpenOffice

So, I’m trying to write something in OpenOffice, and I’ve figured out how to insert furigana (although it’s very long-winded). But I’ve found that although I can change the furigana’s font, I can’t change how far away it is from the actual text.
I want it to be just sitting on the top of the text, but right now there’s a big gap and it’s closer to the text above it than to the text below (where it should be).
:unamused: :cry:

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Or can you suggest a better (free) text editor?


Sorry I can’t answer your actual question but I think libreoffice is a newer branch of openoffice that might have more features. Not sure if it handles furigana any better though.

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Googling and messing around in LibreOffice suggest it’s not really any better, despite people filing bug reports for the way OpenOffice and LibreOffice mishandle ruby text. The fonts have a large “leading” space to leave room for furigana/ruby, but OpenOffice and LibreOffice put the phonetic guides above the space that’s been left for them.


Damn, that sucks!

Well, thanks anyway.

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