Two different versions of the dashboard in the Android app?

So the default view of the android app is the same as the web version.
Clicking back a couple of times takes this to another version of the dashboard though.

Is this a known bug?

Best to ask in the topic for that specific app, if the creator is still monitoring the forum. They likely won’t see a random topic on it.

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@VegasVed isn’t this your app?

Also, none of the apps are made by WaniKani themselves… bangs dead against brick wall

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In short - the app is just a fancy web browser that only access WK with a few additional features. The “web” dashboard is you navigating the WK website with the alligator portrait after a session. But if you click back it takes you to the “app dashboard”, the one that’s custom-made for the app.


Thanks, all.

I’ll talk to the guy/gal providing the app the next time I have an issue.

I really like the Android app though because I can it means I can study anywhere, in bed, on the go or while waiting somewhere there is no access to a computer.

Nope, this is the app on the store. No new features will be added to this one, but I believe it is maintained for bug fixes. It is an awesome app which I use all the time in conjunction with mine.
Mine provides more stats, leech detection, a wallpaper creator, a deep search function, but a less smooth review system. I do my reviews on the app in the screenshot above, but everything else on mine.
I hope the app above is updated in time for the API change soon though, or portions of it will cease to work :confused:.
This is mine: Android app WaniKanji

The app is for the most part more than a web browser. The reviews section is an augmented web browser which is what allows it to work as smoothly as it does (keyboard that behaves itself, autocorrect only when needed, and so on…). The rest of the app uses WK data but displays it outside of a web browser, in a more app-friendly way.

That looks like I believe the app was designed (the second picture). The first is how you see the Dashboard on the web browser. I think you hit back so much, you backed out of WK and back into the general app. (The Pink WaniKani app, I believe.)

This app.

Having two versions of dashboard is perfectly normal to me.

Oh I know, didn’t mean to sound negative, was just trying to simplify it in order to explain the reason why the “two dashboards” thing happens. :smiley:

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