Tweeting to somebody to ask for his email

Dear WaniKani worshipers,

Maybe some of you can help on this important matter of mine.

I’m trying to reach out to a Japanese visual artist but cannot find his email anywhere. I know he uses Twitter, and was thinking asking him via a tweet if I could write him an email.

More precisely, I want to ask him if he would be willing to read a letter written in Japanese that introduces a project we would like him to consider working on, “we” being me (the “creator” of the project) and a production house developing the project.


  1. Does it sound like a “lame”/desperate move? Do people actually do that?

  2. How to address him given he’s in his early 50s and is considered a true master in his craft? I’m a beginner in Japanese, I have no idea where to start to try writing the tweet(s).

Your inputs are hugely valuable!

Stay safe :tea:


Before you reach question one, you should seriously consider how much you’d be willing to pay him. If he is considered a true master in his craft, “a lot” would be a good start.


I believe you can direct message people on twitter - why not start there? I don’t know how to answer #2 for you, but for #1, people do this all the time!


Thanks @Belthazar for your interest.

We’re willing to pay what’s necessary. ^^
I must add: it’s not my money!

Money matters are to be dealt with by the production house and possible broadcaster. As a creator you don’t even own your project and have basically no say in all things financial.

First we want to know if the project, creatively, would be of any interest to him.
If so, it would entail further discussions and negotiations, possibly via agents and lawyers.

But the main goal here is really to establish first contact and get him to read the letter.


Thanks @raephe.

Unfortunately I just checked and he does not have “open” DMs.
It’s for every Twitter user to allow or not to receive DM’s from accounts they don’t follow.


In that case, I would just engage with his twitter feed and maybe @reply him and see if he notices it.


Either way, address him as 先生. :slightly_smiling_face:


“Sir, that’s going to be $AL.OT. Thank you, and come again!”

That’s for sure!

Thanks @alo for the advice!

I crafted this Tweet, any thoughts?

[X]先生 私は フランスの番組制作会社 で働いています。私たち プロジェクトについて メール を 送付ししたいと思います。DM で 伝え合いますか。どうぞよろしくお願いします。

It uses about half the characters allowed in a tweet so I can definitely write more if it helps conveying the message in a respectful manner. Also, I probably want to write “I"m a writer working with a production company” more than “I’m working with a production company” which infers I’m a producer.

production company : 番組制作会社 (ばんぐみせいさくがいしゃ)
work in : で働いています (でいています)
sending/forwarding : 送付 (そうふ)
regarding : について
to exchange (messages, thoughts, etc.); to communicate : 伝え合う (つたえあう)
project : プロジェクト (there were many words for “projects”, I picked this one thinking maybe it conveys the contemporary concept of what a project is… hum…)

For the 送付ししたいと思います part I based myself on this:

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If this is like… a serious business deal that could involve a long-term relationship, wouldn’t it make sense to find someone who can professionally interact with this person? And not ask a forum? As eager as we are to help people.

Reaching out to someone with the typical level of Japanese that we here are mostly capable of could be seen as unprofessional. Even if it is polite Japanese.


He must have some other method of contact besides Twitter if he’s an established artist, one that’s more business, no?

Thanks for the thought @Leebo.

I was thinking maybe some people here are working in Japanese-speaking professional environments, and it would be interesting to read their opinion.

I’m still pondering if this is a right way, but trying to write the tweet is a fun exercise anyways. ; ) If it’s sent, I intend to have the tweet re-read by a native speaker of course.

Edit: also note that the letter we’re trying to share was written in Japanese by a native professional intermediary.

We have several leads to reach out to him, Twitter is one of them and probably not the best it’s true. Still a lead though to have direct access (as opposed to going through intermediaries, which is another lead we have). ; )

He’s from another generation so maybe it doesn’t work but for younger freelance artists it’s not uncommon to have first exchange on Twitter. I’ve successfully contacted several artists before through DMs, but the difference is they were French or American and in their 30s.

What I’m pretty sure of is that there are no resource available online where you’d had him featured like if he was part of a company or group I could contact. And he doesn’t have a personal website either.

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