TV suggestion for fellow Brits

For a minute I thought ‘oh is this really sad posting on Christmas Day’ - but no, we are all here, right, doing our reviews, no matter what the day :slight_smile: Hope you all have a good day.

Last night I started watching ‘Tokyo Vice’ on the BBC iPlayer, and I could recognise some of what they were saying and spot the odd kanji. How satisfying. So I thoroughly recommend the series as you might feel the same (whilst being caught up in what seems to be an intriguing plot). It’s about an American lad who joins a Tokyo newspaper as a reporter and gets caught up in the world of the yakuza. It sounds a bit unlikely but is allegedly based on true experience. Obviously a lot of the dialogue is Japanese but there’s a lot of English, so your brain doesn’t explode. I am enjoying it a lot (and in fact stayed up far too late into the night).


Giri/Haji was also on the iPlayer recently. Plenty of Japanese dialogue throughout that.

Think it might only be on Netflix now though…


Giri/Haji is great, yes!

I found Tokyo Vice hard to watch as I don’t normally watch ganster related TV, …however by the end of the season I couldn’t bear the thought of waiting another year before seeing more. I read it was the first american TV production to get such complete access to filming in Japan, as recently Japan has an initiative to promote itself as being more friendly to international movie/film productions. It’s so well made, …definitely recommend it! It’s on HBO Max too.

Here’s a bit of how they created the world of Tokyo Vice:


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