Turtle shell synonym error

I’m currently on level 39 and the turtle shell kanji lists a wrong synonym “A” instead of “none” or whatever is the alternate meaning. You can verify the error yourself by searching the kanji with the search tool, it’s not specific to the lesson.

I think they’re referring to an alternate meaning of it being “team A” or “party A.”


It’s a way of counting originating in Chinese.



Ok, cool thing that i didn’t know, thanks

Yah. has “B” listed as an alternate definition.

(Honestly think that needs more explanation on the kanji page, though. “Why is there a letter A just sitting here?” is a perfectly valid question - the kanji’s vocab page doesn’t bring it up either, and in fact omits “A” as a synonym.)


Was there some reason you thought that A was a mistake for “none”? I’m not sure I see the connection.

Or did you mean that you thought the synonym area should be blank.

I unlocked 甲 recently as well. I just assumed ‘A’ was just some pop culture reference I wasn’t cool enough to get.

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