Tsurukame Annoying Glitch

Greetings, fellow worshipers of our lord and savior Koichi. Doing my due diligence as a fellow apostle, reporting an unfortunately major error.

As seen, I think I found Koichi’s MissingNo. Much like the Pokémon itself, when interacting with the Saw Radical, when it appears in an initial review or review of any kind, the app will instantly crash, making the Saw Radical a permanent review that is impossible to complete. (I am on most recent updated version on iOS)

Didn’t really know where else to go, because I don’t think Tsurukame has an official contact that I could find, so I’ll leave this here. Thanks, Apostles :slight_smile:

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The official contact, as it were, is the Tsurukame thread. As per the latest post in that thread, the issue’s already been fixed, they’re just waiting on the App Store to release the updated version. :slightly_smiling_face: