Trying to understand this context for 一台

Can someone please explain why you would need to add 一台 for this sentence? Even in the translation, it doesn’t make sense to me on why it needs to be there.


These televisions are forty-nine thousand yen each.

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In the translation, it’s basically what manifests itself as “each.” But there are a few ways you can translate it.

As for why you “need” to add it… I don’t really know what to say. You could word it differently, but then you’d have a different sentence.


In that way the sentence implies that you could buy several TVs.

Or maybe there is a situation with several TVs present and you want to avoid the misunderstanding that you can have all for that price :slight_smile:


One TV, 49000 yen.
AKA 49000 each


3 shirts, 500 yen

one person, 500, two people 900.

It is just literally counting 1 thing and saying its whatever price.


That makes perfect sense, thanks!

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