Trying to understand how this was translated

I found this example sentence for 感想. While I understand how most of it is translated, I’m struggling to figure out theマイケルの日か and 毎朝同りょう parts. Is the first “Michael’s day lesson”? For the second the best I can come up with is “same material every morning”. Are both those being translated as daily routine?


Michael’s daily routine is to tell all of his colleagues his thoughts on the anime he watched on the previous day.


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日課 (にっか) daily routine
毎朝 (まいあさ) every morning
同僚 (どうりょう) colleagues
全員 (ぜんいん) all


Question: Does it make sense to be only partially using kanji within words? Like in the cases of 日か and 同りょう. That seems a little weird if so.

People were complaining about the fact that example sentences contained unknown, higher level kanji so they decided to write not yet learnt kanji with kana instead.

So yes, 同りょう and 日か are very strange indeed. It took me like 30 seconds before I understood that they where referring to 日課…

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I assume this will be complained about until they eventually add furigana or something.


I liked that they did this and always just made the assumption that when ungrammatical kana made their way into sentences, it was just a jukugo word with kanji I hadn’t seen yet and read it as on’yomi to the best of my ability or totally skipped words I couldn’t read, as long as I could see the context of the word I was learning with reference to its place in the Japanese sentence.

Now reading this is very weird since I’m well past the point where they were supplementing kana for unknown kanji (or maybe they’re planning to write more example sentences for later levels) haha, I was like “ひか? that doesn’t make sense…”

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I guess the biggest issue is that beginners have enough issues just understanding grammar in natural sentences. If someone has a lot of experience with Japanese, recognizing which kana are particles and which ones are parts of jukugo is pretty simple, because there aren’t that many particles in the grand scheme of things. But for beginners, it can just look like a mess.


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