Trying to Get Fluent In Japanese?

Out of interest does anybody have experiences with language immersion courses in Tokyo?
I am about JLPT N2.5 level but generally don’t speak much Japanese while in Japan.
The team I work with all can speak English well so there is nothing pushing me to use Japanese.
However if I was to be able to use Japanese in a business environment it would greatly improve the range of projects I could work on.
Thinking I need a bit of a push and this kind of course might be able to help.

I do!! I went to KCP International for only one semester and I went from not being able to speak Japanese hardly at all to having an おばあさん in a store ask me “how long have you lived in Japan?” and tell me that if she hadn’t been looking at me she would have thought I was a native speaker. (Before I went there, I could already read at almost an N2 level though so I didn’t need to study grammar a whole lot and was able to focus on speaking). It’s a bit expensive and I’m sure there are other ones in the area, this is just the one I went to and loved. I’m saving up to go back ASAP :sunglasses:

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