Trying to get back into Studying

I am a university student. Last school year really prevented me from doing things that didn’t involve studying for classes, working, or sports commitments.

I’ve been on level 11 for almost a year (it will be a year come July). I am hopping to study abroad in Japan in two years. I want to be at an N2 level by the time I study abroad. I don’t know how reasonable that is. I’ve finished Genki 1, and I am about halfway through Genki 2. I try to meet once or twice a week with a Japanese tutor on Italki, and I text my Japanese friends regularly in Japanese.

However, I feel that I am not improving very much. And it is quite discouraging. :frowning:

I think remembering and using all of the grammar points is really difficult. Does anyone have any advice for getting back into the swing of things and remembering grammar?

Thanks :heart:

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If you’re having a hard time finding reasons to use certain Grammar, Genki usually has that opening dialogue and you can write a description in your own words whats happening using the grammar points. I got this idea from the sequel series Quartet, as a lot of the questions have the student use the Who What Where When and Why questions.

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