Tripping at the first hurdle

I am feeling motivated!
I can do this!
124 reviews??
I…can do this?
Yes I can!!
I got this!
Let’s go!

proceeds to get the very first kanji wrong

Feels bad man…

This happen to anyone else? Tell me I’m not the only one! :sweat_smile:


Sending you motivation review power!


When I get more than 5 wrong in the first try…I will just quit it for the moment. Sometimes my head is just not on right. >_>

So, you are not alone. Just keep at it and don’t be too concerned about getting every answer right, because that’s not the purpose of SRS. It’s not like ordinary education. Just try your best and retry if you need to. :slight_smile:

Getting one answer wrong is no problem in the big span of things. Just keep on getting up after you get something wrong is! :boxing_glove:


I don’t mind so much getting answers wrong…for some reason it really bothers me when it’s the FIRST one I get wrong! :sweat_smile:


Me too! :eyes:

Every time…all the way up to lv 60 probs! :rofl:


I hit the panic button really hard when I’m close to leveling up and just need those extra Guru points to get to the next level, but then I usually realize 3 things:

  • the kanji I failed was actually from the previous level or one I Gurud already on this level
  • one doesn’t need a perfect score to advance
  • one doesn’t need to rush either :stuck_out_tongue:

Just be Zen about it - it is what it is and you’ll get it right next time :wink:


Happens all the time.

The important part is, get up, wipe the dirt off your knees (maybe also your face, hands, chest, arms, and legs… depending on just how badly you think you SHOULD have known it) and climb over that hurdle.

Then the bad part is, the next Kanji comes and… you trip on that hurdle too! :smiley:

Nothing worse than feeling like “I put so dang much time into this and it just doesn’t stick!”

Then you get 2 or 3 right in a row, without thinking about it. And you start to get your confidence back… only to be kicked AGAIN! ARRGGHHH!!!

But as long as you are getting up and moving on, you are learning, so it’s OK!


Yes! I really don’t like messing up in the first few reviews - feels like I’m going uphill. Of course I’ve done the reverse too… when you’re having a great review session and then mess up 5 items out of the last 10.


I call that one tripping and rolling down the hill!

Just because you are level 4 and this just came up in a different thread, I want to link to you this guide: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

It’s a long guide, but is packed with useful information that can really help make your WK experience better (and you don’t need to read it all at once).

The only reason I thought of this was because you said you had 124 reviews at level 4! (which felt like a lot to me). I was wondering if you might be doing all of your lessons at once, which isn’t how you need to do it.

If you’ve seen that guide already then feel free to disregard, just trying to be helpful!

Best of luck on your WK adventure!


Oh I’ve read that thread! :grin:
It’s really good. Yeah, I don’t normally have that many reviews it just depends on whether I end up getting access to my laptop or not. I aim to get my reviews done at least once a day.

I know I can use my phone and that’s how I used to do them in my previous attempts before I got my laptop. So I’d rather not use my phone, since I’m much more prone to making mistakes on it and getting discouraged. Which is why I’m level 4 despite using Wanikani since 2017.

So I really don’t want that to happen this time, so I have some days where my reviews end up stacking until I can get to them the next morning. Because it’s so much easier to do the reviews on my laptop, while also accessing the forums (which I’ve never used until now).


I use a tablet and installed a Japanese keypad.

First review item: Vocab
Me: reads correctly
Also me: forgets to rendaku

Yes, the disappointment is real.


Arrrgh! The rendaku gets me too!

One thing I’ve been tripping up on lately is whether a reading is supposed to be こ or こう


The journey of a thousand Burns begins with a single vocab you learned five levels back still hitting the Apprentice pile to your unending consternation


Especially with the sheer number of kanji that can be read as either こ or こう…
It’s my biggest trip up along with constantly getting じょう and しょう wrong.


女子 and 少女、女王, ugh…


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