Trimming the fat, reducing your stash!

I can’t imagine that I’m the only person here who…owns an excessive number of Japanese resources. Dictionaries, textbooks, advice for Japanese learners, advice for Japanese native speakers, and so on and so forth. Thing is, I really didn’t use them enough to justify having all of them, but having them and acquiring more was a bit of a crutch. It felt good and I could overlook the fact that they were just sitting on my shelf.

Last night, I decided that enough was enough and it was time to evaluate each one and keep only what seemed useful. Sometimes this meant acknowledging that I don’t need my beginner books/workbooks anymore or sakubun writing tips (now that I’ve graduated), and sometimes it was deciding between books that had a similar function. I have set aside the Minna no Nihongo beginner textbooks and workbooks for my niece, who is interested in learning Japanese, and sold the rest. I feel so much lighter now and I think that I will be better able to use what I have, now that I have fewer options.

Have you done a similar purge? Do you feel like it helped in your journey?


I’m a pack rat by nature, you almost have to throw something away behind my back to get rid of it…
I’m not at hoarder level or anything, but I’m not good at getting rid of things.

Also, I haven’t even been studying Japanese for a year, so maybe later on in my journey I’ll feel more comfortable gifting my textbooks to friends or something.

I’m glad you feel so good about cleaning out some of them though! It’s quite inspiring…


I have done the same with my most of my JLPT related books, except for the N1 ones, since I may look at them in the future.
I plan to do the same with the 漢検 books I bought, now that it’s over (well, I’m waiting for the results first, I want to be sure I’m done with that first :p)
Other than that, I don’t have much to begin with, just a grammar dictionary and a book about scientific/technical vocabulary. I guess I could ge rid of that one since I don’t use it anymore.

Not helping per se, but it feels kind of celebratory. Like “yep, I’m done with that stage of my learning”


I have way too many manga books. I feel like I need to purge a bunch if I can find someone to give them to.



Since every book i’ve to study japanese is in pdf format… (#poor #eyepatch #forgiveme) not that much

But… I understand quite well the feeling, in other areas… When i was studying for my bachelors degree i stacked a considerable amount of notes, photocopies, binded books, etc

I suddenly became surrounded by papers that i seemingly couldn’t throw away because “it’s something that might be useful in the future” so at a point i found myself unable to see past those papers that hemmed me in, unknowlingy.

That sort of chaos made me feel unease, disgusted, even unable to think properly… it was on a whim at first, but then I strived to properly dispose or give away and keep the most valuable of it all and keep it in order. Once in order, there was peace in my mind. I could focus better just for having a clean an ordered place.


I just ordered two books yesterday.

That said I sold a lot of books before I moved to Japan.


I too have way too much manga. Like, there’s about… ten or so piles on my floor that are almost waist-high. But I ain’t giving them away to noone. All I need is some wall space to put more shelves in…

Sounds like my place. I’m afraid I’m going to appear on one of those reality TV shows about people who hoard too much one day.

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@MonklyStitch want some slightly used manga? :grinning:

@hachiken I won’t take no sinner’s possessions. :imp:


I won’t say no to manga. But only if you can gold-plate every page. I own nothing that isn’t gold-plated.

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