Trapped in the 1100’s

Hi. I love Wanikani! Unfortunately, I started a new job last year that left me no time to do lessons for several months. I didn’t know that you could freeze your account; that’s what I should have done. Anyway, is there any way to be able to work my high numbers down while I don’t get new ones added every day? Either that, or would I be able to get a one-time gift of 1100 points or so? Whatever works. Thanks!

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Shit, on the Julian Calendar?

(Real answer: It seems daunting, but if you stop new lessons and plug away at reasonable chunks each day, you’ll get back to base in a week or so.)


(I thought this thread was going to be a forum game with players stuck in the year 1100 and trying to survive)




Yeah the only thing to do is conquer that mountain. Set yourself a daily goal and just start going for it. I remember when this happened to me. It was a weekend, I got to starbucks really early and i did them all over the course of four-five hours. It was brutal.
If you make a goal to kill 200-300 a day you’ll get through them pretty quickly. The key is not interrupting that process. Get up an hour earlier or find some way to carve a chunk of time out of the day. good luck!

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Pausing while you work on your reviews would only hurt the Spaced Repetition System. Instead, just focus on working on reviews for a while until they become managable. Then, once you hit 0 reviews, start on lessons again.

Alternatively, it is possible to reset down to a lower level, but I wouldn’t recommend it at your level unless you can’t keep going without that psychological boost.


I feel your pain. I got caught up with life and twice got stuck with a high amount of reviews (around 500 the first time and 700 the second time). As others have said just power through it or reset to a lower level. If you are struggling to remember many things then reset to a lower level. If you remember more than not then you might want to power through it. It’s up to you. Resetting can put you back, but if the stack of reviews is too daunting or if you are struggling to get through them it might be better to reset.

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It’s really not as difficult as it seems.

More than likely, a lot of those are going to be fairly mature cards (Master or Enlightened for example). So even if you get one wrong it’s not going to come back the next day.

Set yourself a goal. Maybe that you want to get down to 0 reviews in… a week. You only have to get that number down 160 a day in that case. If you’re at 1100 now, get to 940 by the end of the day, 780 the day after that, 620 the day after that…

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