Translation help - short story

I’ve just started reading a short story and I was hoping someone could help with part of the translation - きたのおやまのてっぺんのさんぼんすぎのしたに、小さな家がありました。

I know it means “at the top of Kitanoyama (North mountain) there was a small house” but I’m not sure what the さんぼんすぎ
means - does it make it the very top of something (taking すぎ to mean too much)?

Any help hugely appreciated!

すぎ (杉, level 35) is a type of tree. So three, 三本, of them.

EDIT: Oh, and 三本杉 is like… some kind of actual intentional formation.


Thank you so much! So the translation would be “At the top of the north mountain under the three trees there was a small house”

This book is only for first graders but it’s slightly tough going putting what I know into actual use! I’m also weirdly finding it more difficult to read without kanji than with kanji as I feel kanji gives me clues as to the meaning but I can easily get lost in hiragana… slowly slowly I guess!


As per my edit, the fact that the sanbonsugi thing seems to be shinto(?) related, maybe that would need to feature into the translation somehow.

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If I can get through the first page I might be able to figure out whether it’s relevant :joy:
Thanks again!

Well, it could be as simple as “three sacred cedars” or something, just to give the gist of the location. I’m sure now that you have a starting point you could find out more about it.


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