Translation help request

Original sentence:

My attempt:
Since you cannot play video games at school, please play them here.

That feels wrong. Please help me parse if so.



やる can also mean ‘to put’, so it could be “please put it here”. Your attempt is not necessarily wrong (depending on context), but ‘to put’ is more likely.


What do you mean? It seems like the meaning of “play games” is fine to me.


I’ll give it a shot:

学校の中で - at school, but more like within school grounds
テレビゲームを - nice and simple direct object: video games
やっちゃいけない - This can be complicated, but it’s helpful to know that ちゃいけない is the shortened version of てはいけない. So, with the verb やる, which would mean “to play” in this context, that’s やってはいけない = must not play
から - because
ここでやって - play them here

Because you must not play video games at school

Play them here

The last やって feels like the casual imperative version. Like a mom telling her son when he complains about not being able to play video games at school and being a bit exasperated.


I agree with Leebo. I don’t see why “put” would be relevant here and your attempted translation seems right to me.

Yeah, I don’t think “please” is appropriate in the translation in this case.


As @InternetsTad thought it was wrong, I figured it didn’t make sense in context.

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I feel like an action like “put” wouldn’t make much sense in combination with the particle で, but we don’t know exactly why he thought it was wrong.

This is what I was thinking. ここにやって seems more like it, but I still feel like someone is more likely to use ここに置く to mean ‘place this here’.

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