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I randomly had a client talk to me about Japan and when I told her I was learning Japanese she wondered if I would translate some documents for her. Nothing big just some quilting instructions from apparently a large quilting festival in Japan. I am going to try to translate what I can but I was wondering if anyone would like to pitch in as I am still quite a beginner. Any help would be appreciated.


The 4th and 5th photo are of the same sheet, and it is instructions on making your own bias binding - if your friend has any quilting experience, she should already know how to do this. The strips are to be cut 3.5cm wide.

I’m having trouble getting anything to zoom, so am not able to read the hand-written instructions in the last photo.

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Warning: I don’t know the relevant English vocab, so you may have to adapt a bit the translation.
(Edit: as you can see, since I wrote kilt instead of quilt.)
Hopefully, you will get the meaning.

First image:

Happy animal
Baby kilt set
Panel: 1 ・(can read, image is too small) 1・cloth for bias : 1
2900 yen + taxes

I don’t know what bias is, but google tells me it’s a thing.

Second image:

ABC baby
Baby kilt set
Panel: 1 ・(can read, image is too small) 1・cloth for bias : 1
2900 yen + taxes

Third image:
(Those are the contact info of quilt studio, the box says you cannot distribute copies of it… Ahem)

Forth image:

Baby kilt
The sample is made from a square, so the borders on both extremities have been cut to match in size, but it should be fine to do it without changing the size.
In that last case, you will need one more strand of bias tape.

(left) :black_heart: way to take the bias tape (3.5cm wide cuts)
(right) :black_heart: way to connect the bias tape
sew finely (kanjis on tape are too indistinct, but probably 裏 (back) and 表 (front)
combine the tape in the middle and sew with fine points. Please be careful to keep the line straight as shown on the picture.
(bottom) :black_heart: let’s make the four corner of the baby kilt rounded.
[Do not distribute copies of this]

Fifth image: is the same.

Sixth image:

:musical_note: Sue (?) and Dresden minitapestry :musical_note:
:white_flower: Let’s put it together with pastel colors :white_flower:

  • Border: salmon pink
  • Stem: green
  • Leaves: colorful!
    Sue Dresden’s (can’t read/too small)
    Sue-chan Dresden
    Make everything colorful…
    (next few lines are also hard to read at that resolution and made to look handwritten…)
    The band on Sue-chan’s hat
    (again, hard to read)
    (cannot read the box either)
    (Bottom) Large scale of the real thing.

Well, I hope it helps.

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Baby quilt set! :wink:

I don’t know / also can’t read the kanji, but it will be something to the effect of “main fabric”

Yeah, ahem alright!


Yes, I realized the mistake when I checked the thread title.
I put a fair warning at the top that I don’t really know what I am talking about :stuck_out_tongue:
This is my first experience with quilting.

ah, so 真布, maybe?


Looks good to me!

I sew, but my Japanese doesn’t begin to compare with yours.

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The only other thing I can make out here is ribbon (リボン) written twice - once after the hat drawing, and once again in the line below - I presume the band on the hat is to be made with a strip of ribbon sewn into place.

The only thing I can make out in the small box on the same page is 52.5cm 角 - the kanji means ‘angle’, so I presume the finished piece should be 52.5cm square.

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Same for me. I don’t know why I translated ribbon by “band” when ribbon is already an English word.

By our powers combined, we may get somewhere.


I can offer no form of assistance. Instead, I’m here to say that baby kilt is the cutest thing I’ve seen today. squeals



EXACTLY the image that came to mind when I read Nath’s comment!

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Wow!!! Thanks everyone for all there help. I am kinda blow away.

Extra credit to Nath



Before that, it says できあがり “when made”


Actually I think this might be 裏 - backing/background fabric


That might be the case.
真布 does not return any results anyway (except for towns name).
On the contrary, 裏布 is a thing, google tells me.
My main problem is that I do not know the vocab related to quilting (in any language, for that matter)…

That being said, either your screen is way better than mine, or your eyes are…


So, not main fabric, but backing fabric, meaning パネル will be a pre-printed main/front fabric, plus fabric for the backing and a third fabric for the bias tape/binding! Good sleuthing, Kyasurin!

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I am enlarging that picture on a laptop screen - could not see a thing otherwise! :joy:
Also, I have some experience with sewing, if not quilting.

I think the ribbon comment says
スーちゃんの帽子(ぼうし)のリボン Sue-chan’s hat ribbon
It’s cute if you decorate with embroidery ribbon etc.


Ah! Yeah, now that you say so, I can see it now.

You mean with some kind of magnifying tool, or just clicking the image? (I can barely make it with the “clicked” version)

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I have a touch screen… so easy to expand it once clicked. (It’s still hard to read! I am working with a handwritten kanji search tool and some educated guesses.)


Oh, wow! I was at my desktop when I first commented on this thread, but now (on my tablet) having read your comment I just clicked and opened it in a new tab, and SUPERZOOM! If only my Japanese could be so easily improved…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: