Translation help?! Amazon return, but why?

I got this mail from Amazon today, about an order that has been shipped out and was supposed to be delivered Wednesday. It is marked as shipped, and I have not requested a return.
From what I understand they apologize for the inconvenience, but does it say anything about why? Something about the shipping process? Since it has been sent it can’t be item availability.をご利用いただき、ありがとうございます。











It says it’s due to some sort of shipment process error :thinking:

出荷 - shipment
工程 - process/operation
上 - can mean something like “matters concerning”
原因 - cause
により - due to
—> “due to matters concerning the shipment process…”

So it doesn’t seem like it’s due to item availability as you mentioned, the seller might have had an issue with the shipment and couldn’t ship it as a result, but you should be getting a refund soon if you haven’t already

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It seems most likely to have been an error during shipping, since it has been sent and I get refunded upon return. But I do hope that means I get my shipping money back too, since it was not my fault. Shipping cost same as items (three mangas. Yotsuba 14, Chi’s Adventure 2 and a new Pokemon manga, about the creation of the first game! <3 )

If I get full refund and able to re buy, then this is a blessing really. They wanted to deliver on Wednesday, didn’t get me a way to change day, and I am not even in my country that day!! XD
Going to Denmark to pick up my toyger <3

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It says that the first amazon link they provided is for details for their refund methods and the second one is info about checking the refund status, so you can stay on top of those to ensure you get a full refund, especially for what was paid for shipping since that was what the issue was with :upside_down_face:

Ahhh I can’t wait for pics! :heart_eyes_cat: so exciting :durtle_cat:

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The first link looks like everything is still in order… Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens…

If ever you need to communicate with them, they do have customer service in English! I’ve only had experience with it through email though!

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Yeah it seems the tracking info hasn’t been updated yet (last update was yesterday, May 18) — the links say that they’ll send you an email once they’re done processing your refund. It takes about 1-3 days for credit cards and gift cards

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I got a new mail, and all in English this time for some reason =P

I got full refund, shipping and all! <3
And it said I can reorder. Check if my address is OK and re order it. A standard reply it seems.

And a list of possible reasons instead of stating why it got returned…

I know my address is OK, I’ve used it so many times through the site with no problem, did not edit anything or re-enter anything, so nothing wrong on my end there. There are no “other address problems” either, never been refused books (seeds and some food items can be refused). It was returned day after shipping, so is not failed delivery (which was supposed to be Wednesday anyway), nor did I refuse it in any way.

So guess that leaves Damaged During Transit… So unless it is something so rare it didn’t even make the list the package simply got smashed to the point they decided it was too damaged. Not sure why they can’t say it, if that’s the case… why leave people guessing?

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