Translation Help: 位置の表し方

The closest English translation I could think of is “coordinates”. However, ever helpful @Nath told me that the kanji for that is 座標.

What do you think?

Ah, actually, I am half asleep.
座標 is more like coordinate system, as in carthesian coordinates.
So maybe coordinates indeed. :thinking:

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Aha! Then it would be “way to express coordinates/expressing coordinates”.
Based on the text below, 位置 itself would be coordinates.
(Online dictionaries keep telling me 座標 but I don’t trust them).

Anyway, I don’t think 位置の表し方 is a fixed expression.

Full disclosure of my former thought process:
  1. 位置の表し方
  2. way to express position
  3. ???
  4. coordonnées
  5. coordinates

Then my brain was like “by the way, bruh, do you know coordinates is 座標?”
A quick online search away seemed to confirm what my brain thought.
But then, it struck me that the example I found was “Cartesian coordinates”, which could be a system of coordinates rather than actual values.
So I said
“- Brain! Which one is it?”
“- I don’t know man, why do you keep asking me things?”
The end.

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Wouldn’t it be “way to express position” or something instead? It seems like the goal is to show a way of expressing position (using coordinates).

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I’d go with “Expressing Location.” Sounds like they are trying to get students to explain where something is compared to 青山駅.


“Way of expressing position” indeed. 位置 is used because, while the math problem is portrayed like a graph, it is still a map expressing a location.

@Nath 座標 is indeed coordinate, but it refers specifically to a point on an xy(z) graph. 座標系 would be your term for a coordinate graph itself.

The テレビどう is a 位置, but if the same location were on a standard xy plane, it would be the 座標 on the 順序対 (3, 4).

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Ah, so my brain was right.
Weird, that doesn’t happen so often.

Somehow, since it was a math problem, I think we overthought the thing with @gojarappe.

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Thank you so much for helping me prep for my lesson! :sparkles:
@Nath @anon93264938 @tel003a @EiriMatsu

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(Yes, I already ran out of likes. Damn you poll thread.)

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