Translation for 尚且つ context sentence

I’ve read this a few times and it doesn’t seem right. Did WaniKani translate this correctly?

She’s beautiful, smart, and yet she has a terrible personality.

I think it should be:
“She’s beautiful and yet smart, but has a terrible personality.”

I think the implied meaning is that it’s surprising that she’s both beautiful and smart hence the “and yet.” However, despite those good things she unfortunately has a bad personality. In the WK translation, “and yet” seems to be imply it’s surprising that this person has a bad personality and the “が” seems to be forgotten.


It’s literally “She’s beautiful, and furthermore she’s smart”. That’s what the 尚且つ means there.

Definition #1 in Jisho

Definition #2 in the monolingual dictionary

The “and yet” is from the が in this sentence.


That makes sense. “And yet” being one of the WK definitions definitely threw me off.

Thanks for the explanation.

Edit: through → threw …>_<


Ah, yeah, this falls under the “besides” alternative meaning, and then they used “and yet”…

Might still be worth emailing them, because it doesn’t really capture the meaning the way it’s translated.

Sent. We’ll see what happens. Thanks again.

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