Translating 折角 as "hardwon"

Does that seem reasonable? I like having one word I can latch on to in order to remember a kanji. Then I can stack other meanings behind it.

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If you’re just asking if we think it’s not impossible… no I don’t think it’s impossible that “hardwon” could work in some specific circumstance. It doesn’t really strike me as the most appropriate gloss across the most situations though.


せっかく is one of those words that doesn’t really have a good single gloss in English. The Progressive J-E dictionary entry for it actually doesn’t give it a gloss at all for most of its senses, it just lists a bunch of example sentences with idiomatic translations.

Personally I find for this kind of word that it’s better to just remember a sentence pattern or two with it – almost treating it the same way I would a piece of grammar.

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