Toygers Corner 🐯

Been working on this today. I started this project last year, but then used it for Halloween and Christmas to keep decorations and lights (the Christmas ones being lit candles, must be kept safe from cats :stuck_out_tongue: )
Since Christmas it has been used for rabdom storage XD

Now I’m getting a new snake any day now, so had to finish :wink:

It has some glow in the dark paint too <3


I got a new baby today!
I’ve wanted a white chinchilla for years, but only found ones far far away. Checked just in case, been a while since I last looked. Female, my city O_o
They even delivered her for me so I didn’t have to take the bus!! <3
She is gorgeus! I will try bond her with my poor lonely male, Sasuke. He lost his brother Itachi last year.

I named her Sakura, since she will be with Sasuke :heartpulse:


she’s adorable!


Felt like a change, so cut and colored my hair yesterday. I love the outcome <3
I thought I had to just shave it down, but managed to get a decent cut, in a messy look. I just grabbed a scissors and went

Edited this one to make it not flip XD

Discort has been nice lately… but not today -_-


Looks good! Nice colors and cut.

I lowkey want to shave my whole head so Cub cant pull on my hair any more.


I considered going full bald again, I loved the look! But I also love to color, so had to compromise :stuck_out_tongue:


I made this card for my niece, for her confirmation next week.
Acrylic paint on card stock.
I wasn’t sure what to make, so I decided to paint Eevee. She is her favorite, and Eevee is 2 weeks older than her so they grew up together! :heart:
It turned out better than I thought, and though it is the best I’ve ever done of my baby I don’t mind giving it up, as I know I can always do it again! I want to paint all my animals (starting with the cats and dogs) to hang on the walls. Well, the stairwell walls or something, I have no walls they are all covered with shelfs/storage for my stuff and floor to ceiling snake enclosures :rofl:


That’s a great portrait!

Please be inspired (as I was) by these ShiTzu acrylics that were on the wall at the veterinarian’s office that I loved so much I kept a photo…

I especially like the movement and joy expressed in the brush strokes of the top one.

If you do one like this of your cat, I MUST SEE IT!!!


Those are gorgeous!
I think the top one is a yorkie :heart;


Oh, yes…I do believe that you are correct.

Scrolling up the thread… LOVE your crazy pastel mohawk. :smiley: It’s easier to shave, but not quite as interesting to look at…

Scrolling up more… holey moley… That different-wet-print fabric is SOOooo cool!!! Gyaah!!! Love the “high collar” coat design for those raincoats.

Eep… Glad you made a thread, you do such interesting stuff. Quite a menagerie!

Heart that you named one Midna – my favorite Zelda game behind BOTW


I almost did the full shave again, but played around with a scissor, just experimenting knowing if I fail I’ll just shave. And managed to get something I liked :wink:
I loved being bald though!

Glad you like! I’ll be making lots more doggy (and kitty) stuff going forward, as well as other arts and crafts =)
I have SO much fabric O_o

I named Zelda first, and wanted a name from Zelda for her sister. Notice her white leg! She looks SO much like Midna! All black with one white leg like that! (wrong leg, but close enough!)
And the hair only on top of head was quite fitting for Midna too!

My fav Zelda game is Ocarina of Time. Breath of the Wild a close second.


Been a rollercoaster day. I was supposed to get two snakes about Monday. One I ordered long ago, paid for and last week got her delivered to a guy who was to hold her for just a few days till the guy who helped me find the snake could go pick her up for me (was going that way for a reptile event, together with the other guy even :wink: )
Decided to ask about a second snake, which he just happened to have coming on Monday! So would get both at the same time. Monday came and went, heard nothing. Decided to ask yesterday. Oh, the snake I’ve been waiting for and already paid for… escaped… :pensive:
Had been looking for her all weekend. So gone half a week or more.
But he had the other snake, not sure why she wasn’t sent with my guy, but OK. He sent a guy of his own with her today (he had a delivery round with several snakes in the area)

I think I cursed my self…
The long awaited snake would be my snake nr 13!
Her mate was Starlord, and I wasn’t sure if I’d keep it…
Well, 13 is Loki’s number, so I want to rename him Loki, and her the female Loki variant; Sylvie
And this is where I cursed myself. Sylvie is an escape artist! :rofl:
Better send Loki and Mobius to catch her =P

She isn’t gone, just lost in the house. I hope they find her.

But that means my lill black snake is nr 13 instead, which, is kinda fitting!
Her boyfriend is Darth Vader. I have already used Padme Amidala and Leia, so wasn’t sure what to name her.
Doesn’t HAVE to match either. I have Batman and Moana :wink:

So, all black, 13th, just before October. very Witchy!
So, Sabrina Spellman! Maybe?
Sure, she is blonde, but she is black magic and has a black cat, so close enough =P

Edit: Maleficent! I think!

She is a bitty baby, SUPER tiny!!! Banana for scale! :rofl:

Since girls gets bigger than boys, she will become larger than he is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, this is how I normally sit… =P


I really hope so too! And that she would be alright and would join your meowgnificient and ワンderful and ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssplendid pet family! :cat2: :dog2: :snake:


Oh I should put this here as well! (below copied from POLL thread)

(referring to a book about knitting for dogs shared a week before)
I figured the recipes out (well somewhat =P )

The sweater was supposed to be single color, but half way through I decided to throw a pattern in there, just to see if I could =P
The neck warmer I made my own pattern, making it doubly warm since it is two layered (with the back string) but that also made it stay straight. The one in the book was a big curl (like the ends) I like that it stayed flat.

I even picked up a book about sweaters (for humans) and will try make one for myself, cause I fell in love with a design O_o

I am complete novice in knitting, but lets jump in the deep end! The design I found is COMPLICATED XD


Nice work! :slight_smile:


Halloween spirit!
My newest snek (so still a pet avatar :wink: )
And the skull is just a petstore reptile cave :stuck_out_tongue:
I haven’t decided on name for her yet… I should ask pollfam :thinking:

Edit: Currently have Maleficent as my top pick! :heart:


Got some cute photos of Maleficent today! <3


classic!!! I used to have that one on repeat when it was new, drove my friend mad :rofl:


Made this post for poll thread copied here cause it belongs here too.
My hoard of cloth, most of it for making clothes for the dogs/cats =P

2 full boxes of jersey prints, nice and soft:

Nice prints, other types of fabrics (many IKEA)

Softshell (soft kind of raincoat material) Some with retroreflex (Such a weird word, we just call it refleks. It reflects light in the dark for visibility =P )
Others with “magic wet print”, that only shows when the fabric is wet

Big wads of glittery fabrics. These are low price, but super fun!

4 boxes of fleece blankets, + top one is the ones I’ve started using (mostly blankets, but some jersey too)

My rolls. First set is thin and flimsy, second is stiff.

My oldest fabrics was similar rolls to the first. Had white, black, maybe green and red or purple… I don’t know where I’ve put them O_o
But yeah, there is more XD

And I’ve spent waaay to much money on these hoards XD
*worth it