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Hoarders Loot Part 5



The Beginner Book Club started out with Yotsuba! Now we have a separate group for Manga and do all of them =)
We are currently on book 15!

I’m not ashamed to admit, the reason I’m learning Japanese is to read mangas/watch anime/Jdramas :wink:
So naturally I tried out Doraemon, parallel reading! …with no furigana and obviously meant for Japanese learning English. I will save them till I know more Kanjis. Not sure what I think of them yet. But know the character is very popular in japan, which makes it even more interesting to have read.

So I made my own parallel texts instead :wink:
All of these I also have in English! Death Note is by far my fav Anime/manga story line, but it can be text heavy and political, so I stopped about half way through book one and did Chi instead. Love Chi, so sweet and simple story, but it makes you feel. Nekogahara I picked up just cause of cat :wink: Not read it yet, but I love the artwork.
These are complete series, other than Nekogahara which is new and still ongoing. (I have gotten more than in the image too)

Death Note

(will replace image later)

Complete set of Naruto! <3
Though Death Note is probably my fav in English, Naruto in my fav in Japanese! <3
The language is much easier and I KNOW so many words! I’ve watched all the episodes in Japanese, and there are lots of them :wink:
I’ve also read scanlations, which often keep the special Japanese words (many of the Ninja words especially) so it actually makes more sense in Japanese than the English version ^^;
I’m amazed just how much I understand of these! This is my most read/watched anime/manga, my perfect input =^_^=
Though I have watched Death Note many times over, Naruto has such a huge amount of episodes it still wins in minutes by FAR! :wink:

My Hero Academia seemed like fun, so got it in both Japanese and English. We’ll see when we get to it though :wink:

少女終末旅行 is the next manga to be read in Beginner Book Club. Quite a few of us bought all 6, so hope there will be a spin of group to read 2-6 as well! =D

It was too short to buy only 1 :wink:

The first is the story of how Pokemon was created!
Second was a near winner in one of the book clubs. Might win later =P

Fruits Basket was one of my very first Anime, and I love the manga.
I just recently bought the complete set in Japanese, but only these two have arrived so far

These are mangas I randomly picked up at Amazon! I don’t have the English version of any of these, except the Chi.
I bought them because of… well… cats :wink:
I was surprised to find that none of the others had furigana! Only Chi did! Which means these are NOT meant for children O_o
I will tackle them later, but they look sweet =^_^=

The Batman No mans Land I picked up at my local Manga store. They have very few Japanese books, the others where book 2-3 of series I didn’t even like. I do love Batman though! No furigana, so saving it for later.

These I got recommended through a Manga thread earlier. They have furigana, but most of them have not been translated, and those who have are hard to find. I found book 1 and 2 only. Will be an interesting challenge to read without English companion though =)

Two random mangas I’ve ended up with from middle of series O_o


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I’ll be using this thread for random thoughts and progress.
So guess I’ll state where I am right now:

I just started Reality.
Been here for a week, but spent that week finishing of lvl 50 vocabulary (Gurued all the kanji near end, so most of the vocab unlocked just as I leveled)

I did the first lvl 51 Kanji today, so feel like I have finally started the level! =D
I am only doing 3 kanji a day, so I can unlock the vocab early this time, and try have most done BEFORE I level.
Will use about 2 weeks (not counting the first week, which should have been on last level =P )
Plan is to do this speed on all the final levels.


I have been out for hours, and will not get any till next morning :sob:

Cat blessing instead:


That is a lot of info. I’ll see if I can add some stuff to it


This reminds me, I’ve been meaning to check out the Loki manga. I saw the anime years ago, and the last few seconds show a character from the second manga series (RAGNAROK), so I’ve been curious about it for many years. I’m now formally adding this to my “consider reading” list. Looks like the series is complete at 18 volumes (unless a fourth series starts up).


It was one of the first things I bought after joining WaniKani!
I was so eager to start reading I made a thread about “No Furigana Manga”, asking for recommendations.
I bought a good number of them, have yet to read any of those! XD

The Loki series was recommended there, but it does (luckily) have Furigana after all :heart:
The only reason I haven’t read them yet is my hoarding of books, always had others I was reading :wink:


My computer is being slow (or the net really)
Takes forever to add photos! :weary:

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Yotsuba was actually one of the first mangas I read! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Nooooo! I want to see the snakies!


I’ll get to them, no worries :heart:


Managed to get my review backlog back down to zero! =D
Not much coming in either (most days below 100!)
Next two has in the hundred, but under 2, so I am happy =)


Yes, I wish all Japanese textbooks (but especially みんなの日本語, because I have those) would do that with furigana, but so that it appears when you put the red thing over (is that possible? Must be possible). Furigana should be a choice, darn it!


I think removing them is easier, but yes, making it appear is possible.
We have that effect in some games. The one with the glasses can see all the words on the card, other players can not see the words at all (also uses red. Doesn’t have to be glasses, just one way of doing it)


When cleaning the rodents today I found this litter of premature mice babies. SO tiny! (Hopefully they will make it, as they seemed fully developed. They are supposed to look like this, just not as small)
And so absolutely adorable!
They are called pinkies :heart:


(Copied from Poll thread, I feel this belongs here too)

Speaking of my alien chicken. Ever since I first saw him I said “That’s a MEW!”

But his name was Simba, from the breeder.

And I wanted to rename him Mew so badly!
But then I went and picked him up, he was a bit sickly and was on medication for a few weeks, and he responded so well to Simba
I already had a Kimba XD
And felt “if I rename him, Simba will still be his name (on papers), so I can never use the name, it is “spent””.
I have a Nala for a reason, I LOVE Lion King!
But he IS the perfect mew!
A pink hairlesscat with blue eyes, and those ears! I will never have this perfect a Mew!

So I have started using both, and lately he has started responding to Mew!
He will never not be Simba, he is both! Simba the Mew!
But, I will probably start referring to him as Mew going forward.
Cause just look at him! He is not a Simba, he is a Mew :wink:


I dunno, those ears make me think otherwise…


Oh you know, the missing experiment, Mew 3 or something :wink: (Or young Mewtwo =P )

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Will you keep them if they grow up to be tiny mice? Or will you still feed to your snakes?

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