Torii study order question

I’ve been studying vocabulary on Torii for quite a while. I set it in Wanikani order, which makes me study N2-N1 vocabulary and sometimes it gets hard.

Would it be wise for me to switch Torii to JLPT order which makes me learn more common words but with the problem of not knowing every kanji I see(Like 鹸 for soap)? Or should I stay to WK order which makes it at least easier to recognize?


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What do you mean by getting hard? You learning less common vocab?

I really don’t think this will be much of a problem to be honest. 鹸 is an exception in the early order, and it’s not a kanji taught on Wanikani either. There won’t be that many cases like this at the beginning of the deck.

I’d personally go by Wanikani order, as I’m sure there’s lots of common vocab using lower level kanji.

I’ve no idea about Torii, but do they allow you to skip specific lessons? That could work too.


I think the best solution is the one that doesn’t burn you out, so if you’re finding your current method too hard then I would switch.

The great thing about Torii is that you can switch the study method as often as you want, and either keep the reviews you’re already doing or do a full reset depending on how you’re feeling!

For me, I found it much more motivating to go in JLPT order and get the ‘easy’ N5 kanji out of the way first, so I would definitely give it a try.

Thanks for the answer!

What I meant is that the app is telling me I’m learning N1-N2 vocabulary with those early kanji. Like, for example, 当て, which is fine by me to learn it’s not really as useful as 眼鏡 or something else.

I feel like you are right though, I should stik to WK order since I’ve done it for a few months.

Ehy, thanks for the answer!

What I’m probably going to do is clearing those N5 kanji as you said and then go back to WK order.
I will try both ways, thanks again.

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Another thing worth mentioning is that Wanikani covers a big part of N5/N4 vocab already, so if you have the cards for those JLPT levels turned off, you’ll be way more exposed to N3+ words :slight_smile:

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